Computer scientist and programmer by profession, I started in the “maker” world 7 years ago, in which I have developed a cross-disciplinary knowledge in different disciplines of digital manufacturing, electronics, robotics, micro-controller programming and education, trying to turn my passion into a full-time job.

Within this time I have published the book How to use Raspberry Pi 4 through 100 practical exercises from Marcombo publisher and I’m working on another book about electronics for Makers. I have also been responsible for the technical correction of the Spanish translation of some tech-related books of the O’Reilly and Willey publishers.

I have presented different personal projects at fairs in London, Avignon and Brussels MakersTown, also at some Maker Faires held in Spain (Madrid, León, Bilbao and Barcelona), Maker Faire European Edition Rome’19, and at the MIT MediaLab in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in addition to publishing articles in magazines such as MagPi and the book “The official Raspberry Pi projects book”. I also worked with Domestic Data Streamers on Beefeater BBK Live’17 / MadCool’17 booths interactive installations development and the “Sapiens. Comprender para crear” exhibition by Ferran Adrià.

In the field of education, I was an UNED teacher / mentor of computer science degree, I have participated also as a mentor in a wide range of workshops and courses such as the #finappsparty hackathon organized by the Obra Social La Caixa, summer ultra-camps for children or Girls In Lab workshops of the Pompeu Fabra University, among many others. As an organizer, I’m has been responsible for the organization of various local Raspberry Jams and a member of the producer’s team of the Barcelona Maker Faire ’16 and ’17 with a great success of participation and audience.

Since 2018, I’m working on the “Bits & Books” project along with Marcombo publishing house, combining this task with teaching tech-related subjects on curricular and after-school activities in public and private education centers.