Real-time Bicing data & analysis

Set of scripts to get real-time Bicing information (Barcelona shared bike service)

Check lastest updates at site :

Gets bicing info of all stations and saves it to influx database (needs influx server *)

Grafana package is recomended to show the logged data (you can change the database server to log the data if you want) :

Gets bicing (Barcelona shared bike service) information data from citybik API and shows it visually using tkinter module :

This script uses influx database data generated by script

This script creates a csv file with an analysis of station usage ratio. Unbalanced means a regular lack of bikes / free slots

(0% – 50% optimal station) (50% – 75% balanced station) (75% – 100% unbalanced station)

Resoruces (nov 3 2019):

Citybik API site :

Grafana docs :

Influx docs :

Used python3 modules :

requests | json | influxdb | time | tkinter

Bicing free bikes and slots from specific station