Make it

Make it! is a simple and fun way to innovate and create your open hardware projects. It’s an Arduino based kit that includes an exclusive Scratch for Arduino (S4A) learning board. The project was selected to be presented at the MIT Media Lab Scratch Conference ’16.

Thanks to the S4A learning board, this kit is perfect for kids and education purposes joining the flexibility and power of Arduino with the easy-to-use of Scratch and Scratch for Arduino.

Thanks to the S4A learning board design, no protoboards and wires are required to start working with Make it!

The S4A software is a Scratch modification that allows simple Arduino open-source hardware platform programming, and it provides new blocks for managing sensors and actuators.

Make it! Presentation:

  • Arduino Nano & S4A Board included.
  • Sensors: LDR (light), LM35 (temp), Infrared.
  • Inputs: Potentiometer, Keypad, Joystick, Buttons.
  • Actuators & outputs: 2 Servos, Buzzer, LED’s, 2 Relays.
  • Ready to work with S4A software.
  • Fully compatible and reusable for any standard Arduino based project.
  • Open Hardware.

Make it! Tutorial, moving two servos:

Make it! Tutorial, temperature sensor:

Make it! Team:

Jordi Binefa: CTO at research, development, and innovation. Hardware developer.

Manuela Sanfelix: responsible for developing the concept and guidelines for all elements of marketing, branding and communications.

Ferran Fàbregas: the guy who almost got poisoned trying to cut the boxes with the laser cutter machine, and the owner of the video’s hands 🙂