Lifebox – project evolution

LifeBox is a long term project, started in 2015 and still in constant evolution. The project appeared in the MagPi magazine and was selected for the book “The official Raspberry Pi projects book”

This was the first demo video of the 2015 version of Lifebox running with a Raspberry Pi and a 32×32 LED matrix.

The first versión of the Lifebox

In the last 4 years, Lifebox evolved from a small wooden box with a LED panel and a Raspberry Pi to a computer-based project with an Arduino analog controller and a projector to show the simulation.

Lifebox Arduino based analog controller

The simulation can also be controlled by using a webapp, either through a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Lifebox installation live show controled by a tablet

In recent years the project has been transformed into an interactive installation for educational purposes, ready to be shown in public spaces, fairs and events.

Lifebox live show

In 2020, considering the chance to use the project in fairs and events, a generative sound algorithm has been added. The simulation generates dynamically generated music in real time, based on the modification of the parameters of the simulation.

The dynamically genrated sound is sent to synthesizer using MIDI signals, creating incredible soundscapes.

On May 22, a new Lifebox Android App has been relased and it’s available on Google Play.

This App is not the lifebox simulator itself, but only a informative aplication to help the audiencie understand how it works when experimenting with the installation on a live event.