Lifebox – live events

Although the first versión of the lifebox project started as an experiment to learn how to use screens with the Raspberry Pi thorugh an educative project, but its features made it evolve to an interactive installation for educational purposes.

The Lifebox project puts together a visually attractive installation together with a generative sound atmosphere, and a fun educational challenge related to mathematics and biology.

LifeBox projection at Maker Faire Barcelona

The Lifebox project has been exhibited at various fairs, shows and events in Europe related to STEAM education and the ‘maker’ world.

Lifebox live show
Front view of the Lifebox analog controller
Tablet running LifeBox webapp controller, and the real time simulation in the background
Logo of the Virtually Maker Faire 2020, focused on Covid-19 related projects

The shape of life II

The shape of life is a visual art creation based on the simplified version of the Lifebox algorithm.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Lifebox project or about its availability in events, shows or exhibits, send me an email to hola at