Sapiens. Comprender para crear.

In collaboration with Domestic Data Streamers.

Sapiens. Comprender para crear is an exhibition based on the Sapiens methodology, created by Ferran Adrià and his team exhibition aims to establish a creative process that goes far beyond the world of gastronomy and serves for creation in any field. This methodology focuses its efforts on the acquisition of knowledge, essential to start any creative process. Ordering this knowledge, contextualizing and classifying it to be able to use it correctly, to help us to imagine new proposals and achievements.

We help to build (electronics & programming) some interactive installations of the exhibit.

Sapiens opening at Cosmocaixa Barcelona
Our exhibit installation

Beefeater at BBK & MadCool (#istandfor)

In collaboration with Domestic Data Streamers.

Domestic Data Streamers designed the Beefeater promotional stands for BBK Live and MadCool music festivals. We work on the hardware and software for the Beefeater interactive installations.

Interactive booth installation
Interactive booth installation

Pica Pita by Noel

In collaboration with TiempoBBDO

We created a promotional device for Noel. Check the video and have fun! 🙂


In collaboration with LaCaixa

FinAppsParty was a hackathon lead by “La Caixa”. The goal was to create an innovative mobile app related to fin-tech.

I was a mentor and jury.

FinAppsParty Hackaton
FinAppsParty Hackaton

Photo exhibition with interactive audio

In collaboration with Mariona & Amanda Villavieja