Air conditioning remote controller

I’m sure that sometimes you wished to control your air conditioning remotely allowing to turn on your device before arriving home?

I know that there are devices that allow remote control via WiFi, or, if your device works with an infrared remote control you can also buy some cheap WiFi-IR converter and control your IR-only air conditioning device using Alexa or Google Home.

But… isn’t it more fun to do it by yourself?

With a simple microcontroller with WiFi (like an ESP8266 in our case) a transistor and an IR LED you can build your own remote controller of the air conditioner via WiFi and MQTT that can be controlled from your mobile phone!

Add some artistic welding and that’s an electrobug! 🙂

The electrobug: a generic IR Wi-Fi MQTT controller

You can get the source code from github. This source code is based on ESP8266 (Node-MCU) and a LG air conditioning unit, but it’s easy to change to any kind of device. With this code you can control de device from any mobile MQTT enabled app.